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An appeal from the Ganges (to the people of Varanasi)

In my far and wide reach, in distance and time,

I’ve grown wiser studying large chunks of history pages,

Witnessed rise and fall of civilizations through stages,

A few words of wisdom for you from my journey through the ages.


You live in a city older than history,

Older than tradition,

A test lies ahead. Use your intuition,

Take an informed decision.


For this election, all sorts of people will come to you,

Practicers of political nepotism,

Agents of crony capitalism,

Bigots of religious fundamentalism.


They’ll try various notions to connect to you,

Sari for the ladies, liquor for men,

Paid advertisements, rating Modi ten on ten

Using money they alter the views of a truthful and just pen.


There will be others,

They won’t brag about their might,

Against corruption is their mission to fight,

Their vision is to realize Swaraj as a right


Unlike the conventional parties,

They’ll talk about empowering you,

Know them. Discuss. Tell them about your view,

For various perspectives only can take this country through


This clash of titans is not about personalities,

The future of your country is at stake,

Your choice has the potential to repair it or to break,

Mai or AAP; which side will you take?


I get annoyed to see citizens willing to sell their country,

It pains to see people succumb to the power of note,

This time, ask your conscience before you cast your vote,

Mai or AAP? Give this country a game changing result to quote.


Day by day, I get older and near my death,

In the burden of your sins, your filth, your shit, your pee,

I’m doomed. Atleast hear your mother river’s one last plea,

Don’t let your motherland suffer the same fate as me.



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