About me

Better known in the offline world as Pranay, I am an electrical engineer by education. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in 2013. Post studies, I have been working with Flipkart in Bangalore. My weekdays are mostly spent staring at spreadsheets. The monotonous corporate routine gives me an extra kick to pursue the things that I am enthusiastic about in whatever free time I get.

I can spend endless time yapping about the issues that are close to my heart – education, politics, policy making and cricket. I’ve done a course called Graduate Certificate in Public Policy from the Takshashila Institution.

I am fond of reading both fiction and non-fiction works, though the inclination lies slightly towards the latter. Off late, I have been devoting a decent chunk of my time reading poetry.

A course on photojournalism at college made me appreciate the power of a good picture. It has been increasingly difficult to pursue this hobby after college. I hope to go back to it sometime soon.

Why Blogging?

Blogging, or for that matter, writing, gives me immense pleasure. There are a lot of things I feel I should write about … the mystical road of life has a lot to offer – surprises, joy, fear, disappointments etc. As a person having high appetite for bakwaas, I have an opinion on a lot of things. This blog is an attempt to share few of those with you! πŸ™‚

Disclaimer – All the views expressed in the blog are strictly personal.


Drop a mail at pranay.2412@gmail.com


  1. Lizards in your ears

    I like the layout. Very slick.

  2. I think you are very thoughtful and write exceedingly well in English. I am an American who spent 4 months in India last year, mostly in Ahmedabad. For what it is worth, I am pro-Modi, but have no vote …only my say now and then on a blog here or there.Drawing from your blog , I think you disagree, but that is fine. I have written several posts on Mr. Modi including one called Leadership Matters. I would love it if you read them and then we had a talk. I think you are not a knee jerk reaction sort of a person. Let me warn you, that my professor husband calls me “Mr. Modi’s American campaign director!” 😎 . He thinks me mad!!

    • I am always open to debate. Let me warn you though, I defend my point with all my might πŸ˜› But if I fail, I’ll surely accept your theory. Will go through your writings and further discuss upon this issue πŸ™‚

      • You are free to say whatever you feel, but the only accusation out of bonds for me is calling Mr. Modi, Hitler. I can’t accept that as my family gave a son who was a paratrooper on D-Day to the freeing of France and later Europe. Hitler was one of a kind and no matter how bad you think Mr. Modi has governed , he is not Hitler. I am willing to hear any other argument. I am anxious to hear what you have to say. I am thinking you are not Gujurati or maybe not even a visito there. . Most of if no all of the young Indians I have met or talked to are pro-Modi.

  3. Many thanks for following my little blog. I am honored, Pranay. I hope we can have some good discussions, and I look forward to learning from you ! Anne

  4. Rhetoric???!… That’s something like mine!…your expression through words is excellent I feel…for above all reason am gonna follow your site..and further posts….Nice meeting you πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks πŸ™‚ Just read your about me page and let me be very frank here, your expression through words exceeds mine by a big margin. So, for the purpose of learning more from you, I am also going to follow your blog πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Pranay, I have nominated you for the Wonderful Team Readership Award. Congratulation! If you wish to participate do read the full post on my blog .

  7. Hey Pranay! Nice to e-meet you πŸ˜€ Thanks for following my blog πŸ™‚

  8. You have an excellent command not only over language but also the art of writing. You don’t write for the sake of writing but to express, something at which you do exceedingly well. I have been reading your posts, well you would have noticed, and am almost addicted to it. Wonderful stories that show a reflection of life and poems that I have no words for. You maintain the delicate balance of the interesting and the elegant.

    • Wow, now this is way off the charts. I literally jumped off my feet after reading this feedback. Thank you so much. Truly appreciate this πŸ™‚

      • I can assure you all of it is heartfelt and I am very choosy about what I read, be ot books or wordpress, I don’t deviate from the genre of my liking, so you can expect me to comment, well good or bad, on all your posts

      • More over very few people keep in touch with their mother toungue these days and that too composing in it

  9. I would be more than happy to take the services of a critic like you. In return, I’ll provide feedback on your posts. We’re even this way. I guess this works for the both of us.
    Writing in Hindi/Marathi is sheer joy. But there is an acute knowledge gap, given the fact that I left the subject high school. Still, its fun penning down stuff in vernacular languages πŸ™‚

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