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A drop of tear

A drop of tear,

Can sprout millions of lives,

Home a number of species,

Flora and fauna,

And serve as their guardian.

Don’t believe me, eh?

Go to a beach,

Gaze at the infinite blue,

For all I know, the oceans,

Are nothing but a big drop of tear,

Shed from the eye of the god,

For his beloved!


I like the unkempt you

I like you the best when you are just up in the morning,

Without a hint of makeup, the raw you

Disheveled hair covers your face,

A mesh more complicated than the toughest maze

I wonder how you disentangle them with your fingers,

To pull them back down your shoulders.

Your hands gently rub those half-awake brown eyes,

Give them a glittery shine,

Like a jeweler rubs his gems to polish them fine.

The crimson of your cheeks,

Reflects a glow of unparalleled bright,

A view more serene, more beautiful than twilight.

The little redness of your nose,

Intoxicates me, from head to toes,

Makes me want to give you, a rose.

Your wrinkled t-shirt and pyjama,

Has a seductive appeal, an irresistible aroma,

Even a cocktail dress wouldn’t carry such a charisma.


I like the unkempt you,

The natural you,

And when your soft pink lips call out my name,

I love you!

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