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Of a Love, and a Story

Shreya and I were best friends since high school. Infact, all of the best memories of school life have a picture of her embedded somewhere in them. We were in the same school and used to go there by our school bus. She always sat next to me. She wasn’t just any girl. Her dimples were the cutest of all I have ever seen. Plus she had a varied interest ranging from politics to music to sports. She could discuss a Felipe Massa with the same zeal as a George Bush. You see a rare species of beauty with brains. I was not gifted with so many talents. I was good at solving equations, so enrolled for IIT JEE classes after my school. She wanted to become a journalist, like the character played by Priety Zinta in Lakshya.

We made a pact during our school days that however busy our life gets in the future, we’ll meet atleast once in a week. Every Saturday evening, we would go to our favourite hangout place, a small and quiet garden near her home. We would chat about a lot of things in those couple of hours. I don’t know why but I felt a sense of belongingness when I was with her. I could share anything and everything with her.

After we finished our boards and entrance examinations, our frequency of meetings increased. We used to meet every day, spend hours and hours gazing at stars, made fun of each other, made fun of other people. Nothing in this world is more beautiful than falling in love and you cannot appreciate this as long as you experience it. When you fall in love you realize that there is so much you have to talk about. There is nothing that is stupid; there is nothing out of bounds. We would talk about anything. Just the feeling of being with her made me happy. On one such night, I accidentally told her those three words. She had an immediate spark in her eyes. She said she too loved me and added that she couldn’t imagine her life without me.

My result of IIT JEE came after a few weeks. I got admit from IIT Hyderabad. She got admit from a university in Pune. It was difficult for us to part. I got her a stuffed bear for and she gifted me a keychain of heart parted into two pieces, one for me and the other for her. We promised to keep in touch and let not the distance affect our relationship.

During my initial days in hostel, we used to have conversations for a pretty long duration. Slowly there was a steady decline in our conversations. I used to get one word reply for every question. My messages were ignored, and no messages came from her side. I thought that maybe the academic pressure forbade her from giving time to me. We would just exchange formal conversations and end our chats.

I thought the winter vacations would be a good time to spend more time together and start a new chapter. One evening, I got a message from her to meet at our hangout place. I went there. There was something different about her. She was not the same happy to go girl, discussing a variety of topics with zeal and enthusiasm. Rather, she was all philosophical about life and how compromise with it is the best way to live. She ended that speech with one damn hurting sentence ‘Can’t we just be friends’? I was shocked. I was numb. I just couldn’t say anything. A few minutes later, I asked her the reason. She couldn’t give me a satisfying answer. I tried to convince her, I cried, still she was adamant on her decision.

It is difficult to understand women but the men never mind trying. As she was slowly waking away, I remembered the day we got in a relationship and she said “it was impossible for her to imagine a life without me”!

Disclaimer: The above story is an act of fiction. Any resemblance to living creatures is purely coincidental 😀


Of heroes in reel life, villains in real

The verdict of the hon. Supreme court granting 5 year imprisonment to Sanjay Dutt has attracted a lot of debate in the past few days. The whole Bollywood fraternity showed support to him. Some of them also suggested pleading to the governor of Maharashtra to grant him mercy on the grounds of suffering he had in the last 20 years. Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman PCI, went on to say that because his family has sacrificed a lot for the country and his movies have revived the message of Gandhiji in the people, he should be let free.  It is a disturbing thought that so many high profiles could condemn and challenge the verdict on purely emotional grounds. I totally understand the Bollywood sentiments. They have a lot of investment on Sanjay Dutt. But such a statement coming from a retired Supreme Court judge provokes me to ask ‘Is the judiciary biased towards powerful and rich’?

The conviction of Sanjay Dutt was no ordinary. He was convicted under the arms act, which calls for punishment anywhere between 5 to 10 years. He was having 3 AK-56 rifles, 9 magazines, 450 cartridges, a 9mm pistol and over 20 hand grenades. That’s not the complete picture. He got these grenades from Abu Salem, who then used to work for Dawood Ibrahim. Friendship and deals with the underworld people, who were responsible for the 1993 Mumbai Blasts, does not seem a small offence to me. Again, even after getting arrested, Sanjay Dutt had the luxury of taking help from the best legal counsel available. This was not the case with some other convicts, who might have spent a lot more time in jail, even if their crime was less than his. On another statement by the PCI Chairman about spreading gandhigiri and doing charitable work, there is need to do this for PR purpose rather than a sense of Social Service. I believe such activities are more of an initiative to escape your name as a criminal to the one as a good person/saviour. If tomorrow, Salman Khan gets convicted for the charge of poaching of a blackbuck or hit and run case, a wave of sympathy will again run and people will call for his philanthropic endeavours. True, there might be some development done by his charities, but does that reduce the magnitude of his crime.

Thankfully, we people are driven by emotions but the law of a country is not. The Supreme Court judgement has atleast increased by confidence in the judiciary is still not completely biased by money and muscle. Hope that the people of this country also see that the constitution and the law of a country is a bigger than an individual.

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